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Photoluminescent Signs Provide Indisputable Benefits

By: Payton Walters

May 22, 2019

Here are the reasons why your building or facility management should be paying attention to photoluminescent innovation:

  1. Minimizes operating expense: These signs don’t need power, minimizing operating expenses related to electrically powered departure signs & can be installed by any competent handyman

  2. Maintenance free: These signs have little to no upkeep, allowing staff to concentrate on other areas of interest

  3. Lengthy life-span: 35-year life span w/these maintenance free signs

  4. Eco-friendly: Ecoglo is not radioactive or toxic and uses no energy= after 35 years it can be recycled

  5. Code compliant: Ecoglo fulfills the IBC / IFC/ NFPA photoluminescent requirements

  6. Trustworthy: unlike electrical or battery lighting, Ecoglo will never let you down / they will make sure steps are seen in whatever light conditions

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