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Top Tips for Brands on Instagram

There is a lot of valuable time spent on Instagram but captivating an audience takes more than launching a profile. Below are a few tips to earn you a few more double-taps.

1. Create Episodic Content: Instead of a one-time post, opt for opportunities to create a series of content. This will turn your audience from one-time viewers into repeat visitors.

2. Feed Your Audience’s Nostalgia: Share photos from back in the day, use #TBTs of employee photos and resurface any aspect of the business that you know loyal viewers will appreciate.

3. Keep The Grid In Mind: Use multiple photos in a row to tell a message or create a greater visual. Step back and see if you are posting the same content. No one wants to see a business post four back to back quotes. Think about what your brand should showcase and reflect this on your grid.

4. Create Diversity: Instagram now provides photo carousels, IGTV videos, Instagram stories, highlights and so much more. Why would you not want to make your profile new and fresh for followers to be more engaged.

5. Learn, And Learn Some More: You may have a niche market but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from other accounts that are doing things well. See how good visuals with great captions serve a purpose and tell a brand’s story.

6. Tell A Story: structure your content to have a purpose whether that is to reveal, educate, or even be a feel-good moment. Every opportunity of a post will add to your narrative and tell the story of your brand. Use this to engage with your viewers and allow it to be shared.

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