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Enneagram at Work: Insight on Hadco Office Dynamics

By: Payton Walters

May 29, 2019

Charlie {President, 3 w 4):

The Expert

These people tend to be ambitious, focused and very serious with their behavior. They throw themselves into their career and do anything to succeed. As a defense, they adapt and change quickly with their personality to fit the environment, which often times can lead to them being misunderstood.

Strengths: attentive to tasks, think practically and efficiently, strive to improve

Blind Spots: focus to much on success, difficulty accepting disappointment, being perceived as confident or moody

How to communicate with an Expert: give direct messages with expectations, keep meetings minimal, be concise, validate and affirm successes

Deann {Contract Coordinator, 2 w 1}:

The Companion

These people tend to take on the caretaker role to serve others. They desire love and acceptance above all else. Companions will repress their own emotions and desires which leads to internal conflict at work while they meet everyone else’s needs.

Strengths: recognize the needs of others, give attention to present tasks, offer support

Blind Spots: highly self-critical, seek praise from others, ignore their own needs, steer away from outside criticism

How to communicate with a Companion: listen attentively, allow room to build connections, address conflict directly, allow time for personal recharge

Justin {Project Operations Manager, 1 w 2}:

The Activist

These people tend to be principled, desiring for justice and equality in all areas. They generally come across warmer and more self-aware than other type ones. Typically, these people love being hands on in making a difference around them. However, they also tend to have sudden outbursts as they work through their emotions externally.

Strengths: stand up for those around them, serve the community, willing to make personal sacrifices, share solutions to problems

Blind Spots: easily grow frustrated, tend to be image focused, criticizing to themselves and others

How to communicate with an Activist: take them seriously and listen, express constructive criticism, connect emotionally with conflict

David {Sales Manager, 3 w 2}

Payton {Business Development Manager, 3 w 2}

The Enchanter

These people tend to be ambitious, charming and enthusiastic, driven to achieve. They adapt the attitude of their environment which makes them effective communicators. They fear failing so they accomplish goals to feel successful and worthy.

Strengths: dedicated to their goals, self-confident, efficient at workplace, care deeply and easily connect to others

Blind Spots: heavily focused on social image, struggle to accept failure, overly competitive or possessive

How to communicate with an Enchanter: be direct with expectations and set direct goals, express appreciation for their work, be forward with disagreement and allow room for discussion

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