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Enneagram at Work Series

Part 1

The Enneagram at work strives to do three things:

  1. Promote the importance of self-awareness

  2. Encourage personal development

  3. Appreciate diversity

The advantage of this personality assessment is that it shifts our current assumptions of ourselves, our relationships with others and the environment we are placed.

The Enneagram describes the nine ways each of us may see the world. Each number is unique in its own strengths and weaknesses. Learning to understand one other’s minds enable us to understand motives, concerns, work styles and more. It builds support, avoids conflict and enables a higher level of understanding in the overall workplace.

Knowing how you work best and where you may fall short allows you to focus on those areas and become a better you for the entire office.

If you have already taken the Enneagram and studied the nine types, then go and improve yourself and understand those around you.

If you haven’t taken the Enneagram, prepare to have your assumptions about others totally changed. This assessment will reveal to you deep, intimate avenues of how others think and act. It will change how you look at the people surrounding you.

Next blog: The Nine Types and How Each Style Performs at Work

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