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Enneagram at Work: Types

The Nine Types and How Each Perform at Work

By: Payton Walters

May 2, 2018

  1. The Perfectionist- Ones know how to get things done the right way. They struggle with accepting when good enough triumphs being done perfect.

  2. The Helper- Twos are excellent at communicating and working with others. They support the best interest of their team, including each individual need. They struggle knowing personal boundaries for themselves and others.

  3. The Achiever- Threes are highly motivated, always ready to get things done and accomplish results. They struggle with taking time to listen, build relationships and work towards a long-term goal. The biggest struggle is their tendency to become a “workaholic.”

  4. The Individualist- Fours value making connections to their work and the people around them. They struggle to overcome mundane tasks while also taking things too personally.

  5. The Observer- Fives seek to grow in their knowledge and understanding. They desire individual privacy in their workspace. They struggle with being around others, communicating warmth and acknowledging characteristics other than someone’s intelligence.

  6. The Loyalist- Sixes crave structure and security. They want what’s around them to feel safe. They are usually the most loyal and dependable of the group. They struggle with controlling their doubt and fear that leads to affecting others around them.

  7. The Enthusiast- Sevens are typically positive and easily adaptable to change. They enjoy having multiple hobbies, possible options and many opportunities. They struggle to put their finger on problems at hand and create a solution in the moment.

  8. The Challenger- Eights are the ones who have no problem taking charge because they know how to get things done. They make for great leaders who will stand for those they care about. They struggle with change and adapting to new situations as well as avoiding unneeded conflict.

  9. The Peacemaker- Nines are typically the ones who are easy going and level headed towards their work and relationships. They bring people together and are skilled in analyzing each side of an issue. They struggle with speaking up for themselves, especially if it causes discomfort or conflict.

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