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How To Pursue Goals That Really Matter

By: Payton Walters

April 23, 2019

When looking at success, we as humans are prone to think “achieve your goals and you will be fulfilled.” However, that is a misguided truth that can lead to a constant sense of longing.

The culture we are surrounded by tells us without this or that, we stand inadequate and only when we achieve something great, we will be satisfied. Stuck in this cycle, we feel pushed to be always on the edge, looking for the next best thing, but this causes us to look for momentary victories.

Setting a ton of goals, one after another, is easy to do. Being able to pursue the right goals that will satisfy, and matter is difficult.

To understand what matters most, we should look at goals in 3 categories: Need-based goals, want-based goals and Lust-based goals.


Goals that must happen. These goals allow for the day to day life and future to be steady for yourself and others. These goals are normally obvious to achieve and should consume most of your time and energy.


These goals will provide assistance to your need-based goals. These desires allow for pleasure and significance in your life. For example, wanting to lose a set amount of weight which will leave you feeling better about your body while giving you energy to achieve other goals at a higher intensity.


These goals are easily labeled as distractions. These goals stem from comparison and deceit. Lust goals prioritize the individual rather than the greater good. These distract from what truly matters whether that be for one person or an entire company.

We must remember that there are so many different goals we all strive to achieve but learning to prioritize where these goals are placed will cause us to excel or fall short. Don’t let distractions set your company back, rather, consistently place need-based goals in order for you to see where you are and where you are going.

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