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Let Yourself Rest

By: Payton Walters

June 20, 2019

With a rainy weekend ahead, all I can think about is rest.

Now with my personality and so many others, I often find rest to be weak and boring, but I want to take a moment to emphasize how important rest can be, in all aspects of life.

Sometimes making progress means taking rest days

Our ambitious thoughts often take over any consistent “rest” we may have in our routines. As productive as it may seem to constantly be on, it’s actually counterproductive. See what your life may stand to gain if you make rest a priority.

1. You’ll make wiser decisions

Too much stress on your brain reduces your ability to concentrate and keep at work which leads to mood swings and a general lack of emotional flexibility. Taking short breaks, whether that be during the day or per week allows your brain to replenish, making you more thoughtful and aware.

2. You’ll be more innovative

Research shows that allowing your mind periodic breaks promotes creativity. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, maybe even nap and see what insight your brain brings you. When you do this, you'll develop a greater sense of accomplishment.

3. You’ll have time to reflect

Taking time off gives you the ability to analyze and assess how things are actually going at work. Without this time, you risk maintaining your healthy habits and missing changes that need to be made.

A time of rest is a celebration of the accomplishments you have seen and a refuel of purpose for when it is time to return

The most important aspect to rest days and why they are so important to the work space, in particular, is renewed motivation. Motivation sparks innovation, creativity, passion, accomplishments and much more.

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