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Social Media Mistakes

Is your company making social media mistakes that are costing business?

The list of social media channels is growing every day and these platforms can easily be great tools for a company, however, they can also be a great pain.

The mistakes you are making may be killing your company’s brand and you may not even know it.

Let’s go over some good social media practices:

1. Be Interactive

It is crucial to interact with your audience. Social media is all about back and forth conversation with its users, so why would your business not do the same?

2. Quick Response Time

If interacting isn’t the problem, maybe your response time is too slow. Users want immediate answers and if they don’t get it, they will lose interest. The best thing you can do for your business is to be consistent with responses and quick to answer them.

3. Gain Organic Followers

You want to be working towards a digital following that is an accurate representation of your real-life clientele. Engage and attract followers that genuinely are interested in your content. Ultimately you want prospective clients not just fake followers.

4. Have a Plan

With anything, it is essential to deliver having a plan in place. Without a plan, things tend to end in a disaster.

5. Hashtags = Success

Hashtags are a great way to track what is trending on social media. They are also an ideal way for your audience to find you. It’s beneficial to your business to add popular hashtags that will widen your reach as well as use keywords that describe your product or service. Overall, hashtags are a great way to grow following and raise brand awareness.

6. Be Positive

Don’t delete negative comments nor ignore them, rather respond in a positive way. This will show you care about your followers and you have nothing to hide. Showcase your company in the best light possible.

Follow us on social media to see how we put these practices to work! @hadcosafetysolutions

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