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The Importance of Color Branding

By: Payton Walters

July 3, 2019

In today’s marketing culture, color is very important because it’s the first impression received by a customer. The color of a brand is a secret weapon in producing a memorable identity of a company. Colors not only aid visually but allow emotion and experience to affect consumers.

When choosing a color, it goes far past personal preference and into the idea that this represents the whole story or idea of your brand.

Color sets the mood of your customers or clients the moment they see your design. Imagine someone showing you a red and green design. Most would associate the design to the emotions of Christmas. Just as those two colors define an emotional state, you want your brand color to have the best outcome for your company.

To select the right color for your brand is difficult. You want your audience to know what mood they should be feeling when they see your brand, the type of culture you are representing and see a longevity of who you are and where you are going.

At Hadco, we emphasize the colors of green and blue but specifically lime green. On a surface level, it corresponds with our exit signage, however, on a deeper level it translates growth, dependability and strength.

The bottom line is that the color choices we use affect how we identify ourselves and how our customers see us and that is crucial. Color branding defines your value, strengthens your brand positioning, enables greater customer recall and distinguishes your brand among others.

Never underestimate the importance of color branding.

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