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Three Reasons Why LinkedIn is Important for Business

1. One of the most effective ways to recruit

Job boards and career sites are searchable channels for applicants, but the use of social networking sites have exploded over the last few years. There has been a large increase on recruitment just within LinkedIn’s own research.

2. Gives your brand/company increased visibility

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile and company page gives you valuable rankings in search engine results. You have to availability to use relevant keywords in your bio and even include links to your website and blog. Taking advantage of this could lead to major increase for your business.

3. Effective content distribution

Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn has no filter that runs through its feed. Regardless of interaction, your updates are shown to your audience. Knowing this allows you to post when your audience is active and have regular posts distributed so that you maximize your reach.

Using LinkedIn is a worthwhile investment with your time and energy. You can make connections, attract clients and/or employees and distribute curated content.

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