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What a Leader is...

Be an inspiration in your life and in your work

By: Payton Walters

May 14, 2019

An incredible and insightful speaker, Chad Veach discussed what a leader is at his church in Los Angeles. Not only do his points guide what a healthy and impactful leader looks like in life but at work and home as well.

Applying these next 15 points to our work environments can advance who we are individuality and what we can offer to our companies.

As long as time moves forward there will always be those who lead and those who follow, so here are just a few understandings of what I agree a leader is:

1. Someone who has transitioned from being served to serving

2. Someone who loves people who aren’t like you

3. Someone who refreshes others and in return is refreshed

4. Someone who has the tough conversations, to first protect and then correct

5. Someone who understands as a leader you will be misunderstood

6. Someone who steps up even when they don’t feel like it, leading a life based on commitments not feelings

7. Someone who is wise enough to know the difference of speaking up or staying quiet

8. Someone who is always growing as a student, living as a learner

9. Someone who rises above situations, offensives, etc.

10. Someone who creates morale and doesn't allow moments to pass

11. Someone who takes responsibility when things go wrong

12. Someone who opts for personal pain over major collateral

13. Someone who takes others with them on the journey

14. Someone who elevates others, celebrating and encouraging their circle of influence

15. Someone who eats last, placing others before themself

If you want to check out the full video, click the link below!

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